How to deal with sweat

How to deal with sweat
It is quite easy for any person to lose the respect and disposition of others, thanks to increased sweating. Most will immediately issue a verdict: "This person does not watch himself at all." And very few people know that excessive sweating can be a symptom of a serious disease, which a person simply can not control …

Why a man sweats

Sweating is a natural reaction of the body to increased emotional or physical stress. Together with the liquid that the sweat glands secrete, substances that no longer need the body or are harmful to it emerge. For example, heavy salts that come with food, medical preparations, urea, poisonous substances or other organic compounds that have already fulfilled their "mission". Mixed with the secretion of the sebaceous glands, these products begin to emit a fetid smell, and the high water content in their composition only strengthens it.

How to recognize the "enemy"

The scientific name of this property is hyperhidrosis. Physicians distinguish between two types of sweating:

General (generalized) hyperhidrosis,

· Local (essential) hyperhidrosis.

Most often, an ordinary person who does not suffer from any serious diseases, there is a local sweating, in which palms, feet, inguinal folds and axillary cavities become moist. It can provoke nervous tension, physical stress or high temperature of the environment.

General hyperhidrosis is sweating on the entire surface of the epidermis human body. It is provoked by infectious, endocrine, oncological and gynecological diseases. In addition, the cause of total sweating can be problems with internal organs – the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and gall bladder, disruptions in the work of the circulatory and nervous systems. To get rid of the general sweating, it is necessary to solve the problem, which provokes it. Identify the same problem can be only after a complete medical examination.

The main ways to combat sweating

You can fight with increased sweating in many ways, but you need to choose the method individually.

The hygienic method consists of proper skin care, regular cleansing and observance of elementary hygiene rules. For washing the skin, it is better to use products that contain from 10 to 30% aluminum salts.

The cosmetic method is deodorizing cosmetics. To select them it is necessary according to features of a skin and intensity of a diaphoresis. You need to apply funds to the skin long before the release of "into people", so that the active substances have time to start their work.

Hardware methods are the impact on problem areas of the skin by electrical impulses. Electric current reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands and sweating is reduced. But such procedures can harm the body's metabolic system.

Injection methods are the point introduction of butolotoxin from group A into the epidermis. The procedure lasts up to 6 months, it is for this period that the drug blocks nerve impulses and sweat glands.

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