How to deal with split hair

How to deal with split hair
Sequin hair is a common problem in women. Because of the frequent effects of hot air, chemical waves, staining, unfavorable environmental conditions, the hair becomes dry and exfoliates the tips. Dry hair is more prone to cross-section, and then to loss.

Wrong food, hard water, temperature changes, sun exposure, hair drying with a hair dryer, straightening and waving iron, pulling hair into tight bunches and hairstyles also negatively affect the external and internal state of the hair. Take care of humidification to prevent cross-section. After all, the first step to the section is dryness. Provide hair covering with moisture and nutrients. To do this, use special shampoos and balms for moisturizing, as well as masks and conditioners. It is important that all these products do not include sulphates and silicone, as they weight and dry hair.

The most successful option for filling the hair with moisture, as well as for nourishing the scalp is oil. You can use both expensive cosmetic oils purchased in specialized stores, and conventional, for example, burdock oil, which is sold in almost any pharmacy. Valuable oils are burdock, olive oil, jojoba oil and macadamia.

Restoring split hair involves a number of care activities. After moistening, do not forget about regular haircut. At least once every two months you should cut the tips. There should also be procedures for strengthening and nourishing hair follicles.

If the complex of measures for care has not given a result, then sort out yourself. After all, often thin and dry split tresses talk about health problems. For example, lack of vitamins A, B, E in the body or with the intricacies of the intestines. In this case, contact a specialist. Most likely, for restoration it is necessary to apply vitamin and mineral complexes, and also to resemble head massages and ozonotherapy. Also, a trichologist can prescribe therapeutic ampoules and restoring serums in accordance with the type and type of hair.

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