How to deal with oily skin

How to deal with oily skin
Oily skin is a very common problem. Dirty air, poor diet, malnutrition – these and many other factors cause the body to include additional protection mechanisms. As a result, the sebaceous glands produce an increased amount of fat. To solve a problem of a fat skin it is possible, if to apply the complex approach.

Use seboreguliruyuschie skin care products, as they control the secretion of sebaceous glands. All other cosmetic preparations, especially folk remedies like salicylic alcohol, not only do not help, but also exacerbate the situation: you risk drying the upper layer of the skin. As a result, you will get peeling, but the skin itself will remain oily. It is advisable to purchase funds for problematic skin in a pharmacy or a specialized store, after consultation with a doctor.

Preference for serums and matting emulsions, in any case do not get fatty creams. In summer, buy thermal water. It is sold in spray guns and serves to spray the face.

Pay attention to the makeup of the cosmetics you buy. This is especially true for skin care products, foundation creams and powders. The composition should not contain comedogenic substances, парабенов, PEG, SLS.

Watch your diet. Avoid sweet, flour and fat. Fruits and vegetables should also be chosen carefully. Bananas, pears, oranges, tangerines, cherries and other sweet fruits, as well as pine nuts consume in limited quantities. Try to eat less red meat and more greens: spinach, celery, arugula, corn, etc. You can also benefit from cranberries, legumes, brown rice, whey. From sweet it is possible only honey.

Drink lots of clean water. Not tea, not juice, but a simple one can have hot water – at least two liters per day. Oily skin is particularly in need of moisturizing. If you start to consume enough water, the result will be noticeable on the first day: the skin will not shine very much.

Finally, never sleep in makeup. This can lead not only to the clogging of pores, but also to the occurrence of acne.

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