How to deal with hair loss during lactation

How to deal with hair loss during lactation
During pregnancy, the hair of many women is noticeably transformed, becoming thick and dense. Falling out almost ceases, and for several months of waiting for the baby, the future mother gets a beautiful head of hair. After birth, the situation changes dramatically: hair begins to fall with a vengeance, often leaving the nursing mother with real bald patches.

Treat increased loss of hair during lactation as a natural and inevitable process. As a rule, it begins in 3-4 months after birth and lasts about six months. Unfortunately, natural feeding can prolong this period. Disturbing is only when the hair falls in strands, but it lasts too long.

Prepare for hair loss during the lactation period. If during pregnancy you did not get a haircut, it's time to pay a visit to the hairdresser. Long hair is heavier, so a short haircut will ease the situation a bit. At home, assemble your hair in a soft bundle or a very tight braid so that you do not find them all over the apartment. In the evening and in the morning delicately comb the strands, completing the process by self-massage of the scalp for 1-2 minutes. Wash your hair as it gets dirty, even if it drops more than usual during washing, since excessive fat on the scalp facilitates hair loss from the bulb. Avoid aggressive styling, stretching with iron and forceps. Time it with lamination and chemical wave.

Consult with the endocrinologist. As a rule, increased hair loss during breastfeeding is associated with a sharp drop in the body's level of estrogen. Hand over the tests to the hormonal background to determine how critical the situation is for you. In a number of severe cases, the doctor can prescribe medication, since estrogen affects not only the condition of the hair, so the level of this hormone must be maintained in the right parameters.

Observe a diet in which there must necessarily be a sufficient amount of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. With a balanced menu, even prolonged lactation can not harm the mother's body. In addition to the traditional vitamins for lactating women, take fish oil courses.

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