How to deal with dandruff

How to deal with dandruff
According to statistics, every third on our planet knows first hand what dandruff is. Dandruff is more common in men than in women. Young people are more likely than older people. Before you fight with dandruff – this unpleasant chronic syndrome, you need to understand what it is and where it comes from.

As you know, skin cells are constantly updated. Three of the week кожа головы имеет уже новые, молодые клетки. Если же кожные чешуйки начинают слущиваться гораздо интенсивнее, то мы видим «припудренные» перхотью hair.

The culprit of this phenomenon is a fungus named M. Globosa, which lives on the skin of our head. Due to improper diet, excess of the scalp secretion from the scalp or a bad shampoo, this fungus can become more active. In the process of its life, oleic acid is released, which causes skin irritation and disrupts regeneration processes.

To combat dandruff, there are many special cosmetic shampoos. Among them, the most famous shampoos are Seborin, Head end Shoulders, Londacare, Crisan, in composition which usually include zinc or tar, as well as shampoos based on extracts of medicinal plants: Shampooing Antipelliculaire, Swiss Formula, Anti-Schuppen. Such shampoos are designed to cleanse the ducts of the sebaceous glands and remove irritations skin, and are able to fight dandruff at an early stage of its appearance.

Therapeutic shampoos from dandruff do not release cosmetic, а фармацевтические фирмы. Эти шампуни уничтожают грибок, который является причиной возникновения перхоти, а также снимают воспаление, зуд и замедляют процесс отмирания клеток. Применяют их не постоянно, а в виде курса лечения, обычно четыре-шесть недель. Из лечебных шампуней дерматологи рекомендуют: Nizoral Shampooing, Freederm Zinc, Dercos Shampooing, NodО D.S.

In the last time received excellent reviews shampoo Dermazol Plus, which, in addition to antifungal and antibacterial drugs, includes a complex of compounds of zinc, ketoconazole and aloe.

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