How to deal with acne

How to deal with acne
Acne or acne is a serious problem that happens at any age and that everyone has come across. There is a physiological, as well as psychological discomfort. Inferiority complexes develop, communication with people is difficult, a person closes in himself.

Try to be less nervous, because emotional outbursts can also affect the appearance. Refuse from frequent use of coffee and smoking.

Balance your meals. Do not abuse fast food, fried and smoked food, give up flour. Try not to overeat.

Ежедневно ухаживайте за своей кожей. Утром и перед сном умывайтесь специальными пенками, пользуйтесь освежающими тониками для лица. Используйте крема, которые соответствуют вашему типу кожи.

Try several times a week to prepare face masks that will help you cleanse the face of acne. For example, a mask of yogurt and oatmeal. Sprinkle the acne with salicylic alcohol. Lubricate the inflamed points with tea tree oil, which is a good antiseptic and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Wash with decoctions of marigold or celandine.

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