How to cut your hair under emo

How to cut your hair under emo
The emo subculture, which has appeared relatively recently in our country, captures more and more people today. Someone accepts the ideology underlying it, some do not. But almost everyone considers it necessary to follow the emo style, of which the hairstyle is an integral part.

Прически в стиле эмо не разделяются на female и Men. They are all approximately the same and differ only slightly depending on the length and color of the hair. The main element of the emo haircut, of course, is the bangs. It should be long, preferably close your eyes, indirect and torn.

If you want to make an emo hairstyle for short hair, then you should shortly cut the back of your head, and leave your hair long. In this case, you can profile the strands and make a torn haircut.

Another variation of the emo style hair for short hair is quads. It can be straight or oblique. To distinguish it from the classic haircut will be a bang in the emo style.

Emo haircut for long hair looks like this: a three-dimensional cap on top, created due to the fact that the strands from the top layer of the hair are cut short. The lower strands remain long throughout the head. From above also it is possible to cut a short vertex and to make a hairstyle ragged that hair stuck out in the different parties.

That to cut one's hair under emo, it is better to go to the hair salon. It is desirable that it is not small and just opened – there can do not such a haircut as you want. In the large salons, which managed to prove themselves and the masters in which have already seen different clients and faced with various orders, will take into account all your requirements. You can also apply to special institutions designed for representatives of subcultures, in which do piercings, tattoos and haircuts in styles emo, punk, trash, etc.

Поскольку эмо стрижка не требует строгих ровных линий и даже лучше, если она выглядит небрежно, можно попробовать сделать это самостоятельно, если у вас уже имеется хотя бы небольшой опыт.

Comb the hair and divide it into four zones: front to the crown, occipital and two lateral. If you want a short haircut, trim the back of the head so that the hair in this area is shorter than the rest. Now shear the locks on flanks at an angle so that the bevel was pointed forward. Comb the bangs and gently cut off excess hair at an angle. Now profil your hair with special scissors, if any, or make your hair cut torn, slightly shortening some strands in random order.

Hairstyle for long волосы делается несколько иначе. Расчешите волосы и разделите их на зоны. Теперь волосы в затылочной зоне разделите на два слоя: верхний и нижний. Верхний слой должен быть несколько толще. Теперь укоротите его. Чтобы не было заметной границы между слоями, и прическа выглядела естественно, не делайте ровный срез. Лучше воспользоваться филировочными ножницами или просто сделать рваные прядки. Повторите то же самое на всех остальных зонах, кроме передней. Теперь возьмите волосы на макушке и немного укоротите их. Длина прядок в этой области не должна превышать 10 сантиметров, иначе они будут лежать, а не топорщиться. Выстригите челку и профилируйте волосы еще раз.

You can also make the coloring so that your style is even more like emo. Representatives of this subculture use black, dark chestnut or white color as a base and paint individual strands black, white, blue or pink.

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