How to cut your bang yourself

How to cut your bang yourself
Growing bangs, especially on long hair and medium-length hair, are immediately apparent. But this is not a problem, because you can cut your bang yourself, bypassing the entry to the master, you can. Be sure to have enough good hairdressing scissors and to fill your hand.

You will need
  • Mirror, thin comb, sharp scissors, hairpin.
Sit in front of the mirror. Lighting in this place should be good. Separate the bangs, and the main mop of hair comb back. Hair must be secured with a barrette, otherwise, they will break out and interfere with you. Give the desired shape to the parting. It can be in the form of a straight line, a triangle or the letter "P". Your head should be located directly in front of the mirror. Do not change her position and do not tilt her head. Body body also try to keep it even.

The bangs are cut in two traditional ways. Hair can be pre-wetted or left dry. Choose the method on your own, but keep in mind that wet hair will jump by the centimeter when drying. So, if you decide to work with wet hair – soak them with water and pull out the comb, if with dry – just comb them.

Beginners working with bangs will be easier if you divide it into strands. First, take the edge and trim it. After cutting, and the rest, applying them to the previous order. The optimal thickness of the strands is 1. See the scissors themselves perpendicularly or at a slight angle to the strands.

Now you need to straighten the ends of the bangs, thereby you give it a shape. Dry hair. Thoroughly bang the forehead. For this, both thinning and ordinary scissors are suitable. Working with the latter, pull the hair and take them a little to the side. Scissors partially open and slide the blades through the hair from the middle of the string. By pressing the scissors you can adjust the amount of cut hair. Pay attention, this process should be carried out, a little drying your hair, otherwise, you risk cutting more than you need.

To form a torn edge of the bangs, pull the hair up, pinch the ends and, pointing the scissors at a large angle, start cut them off.

Technique of cutting oblique bangs is similar to the usual haircut. Hair alternately cut with locks. Begin with the long edge of the bangs. Cut this strand and strand from the other side, indicating their length. Then cut the strands at a small angle, gradually adjusting them to the length of the strand of the opposite edge. At the end of the stage, straighten out the strands. The result of this haircut will be flat edges. If they seem simple to you, you can cut them, or make the edge of the cut torn.

When working with dry hair, you should understand that it is difficult even for a professional to manage this method of cutting. Hairs with such a haircut can lie at different angles, thereby making it difficult to create a bang form. Special difficulties can cause curly hair. There is such a complicated way and plus: the length of the strands you can see right away.

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