How to cut the back of your head

How to cut the back of your head
Cut your hair independently difficult, but possible. However, in the process of cutting, most of the trouble can be delivered by the occipital part of the head, which can be viewed only by overlooking the mirrors or sitting at the tray.

Wash your head and lightly dry with a towel. Wet hair is more malleable and easily gets the desired shape in the process of cutting. Absolutely wet hair can not be cut and combed, because at this time their structure is most vulnerable. If your hair is colored or weakened by a chemical wave, apply a little bit of balm to them before you start cutting.

If you decide to cut one's hair with a machine, prepare it and attach a nozzle to it, according to the desired length of the hair. Since any haircut "under the typewriter"Begins with the back of the head, lift the hairbrush of the hair from this part of the head forward to the forehead.

Начинайте обрабатывать затылок, плотно соприкасаясь с поверхностью головы насадкой машинки, чтобы волосы были срезаны на одном и том же уровне. Вторую полосу волос подстригайте справа от первой, причем typewriter must be installed so that its left side can pass along the edge of the previously cut stripe. After the nape, you can go to the parietal and temporal zone.

If you decide cut hair on the back of the head with the help of scissors, then if you do not have a trellis house, it is better to ask about this household or go to a hairdresser. If there is any trellis, then, as an experiment, you can try cutting your hair on the back of your head yourself.

Divide the vertical and horizontal partitions passing through the crown of the scalp into the 4 zone. Secure the boundaries of the zones using clamps.

Remove the clips from the back of the head and draw a horizontal part about at the level of the ears. Fasten the upper strands with clamps. Cut the lower part of the nape in the form of a toe. After 1-2 cm, separate a part of the hair with one more horizontal cut, cut the strands that were below as well as the last time, but a little shorter. Cut your hair at the back of the head, gradually rising up until you reach the horizontal parting at the level of the ears.

To the hair, trimmed on the back of the head, looked neatly processed, take out the thinning scissors and slightly dilute them.

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