How to cut split hair by yourself

How to cut split hair by yourself
Secular tips are a constant problem for women with dry or colored hair. To solve it, do not necessarily go to a professional every time. You can cut your split hair yourself at home.

You will need
  • – scissors with sharp blades.
Get a special hair clipper. Conventional stationery scissors are usually not sharp enough and leave a ragged cut, which in the future can lead to the splitting of the hair.

Comb and dampen your hair lightly. Separate the comb with a small strand and clamp its end with two fingers. Trim the split hair perpendicularly. So the area of ??the cut will be less than with diagonal haircut, and the probability of splitting the hair will decrease.

Another way to cut split hair. Separate the strands and twist it with a dense bundle. The tips of the hair will stick out, and you will easily notice the damaged ends. Gently trim them. Dissolve the strand, comb it and twist it in the opposite direction. This method is suitable for graduated haircuts. With dark hair it is better to work not with a light background, but with light ones – on a dark one.

Removal of split ends can be combined with trimming of overgrown hair. In this case, wet hair is thoroughly combed and their ends are cut to the required length, usually no more than 5 cm.

To the hair do not run, it is necessary to look after them properly. After washing the head, apply a moisturizing balm to the strands. When using ironing, curling iron or hair dryer to create a hairdress, be sure to protect the hair with special thermal protection means.

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