How to cut off a slanting bang

How to cut off a slanting bang
Kosaya bang – it's stylish, fashionable and beautiful. To cut it off, you do not have to go to the hairdresser. You can do this yourself. The oblique fringe can be milled or lush.

You will need
  • – usual hairdressing scissors;
  • – comb;
  • – thinning scissors;
  • – clamps;
  • water.
Make a triangular parting, and then part in the middle. Other hair podkolite. Then moisten the separated strand and comb it well.

Cut the hair at an angle of forty-five degrees (try to make the fringe of the bang flat). You can cut the oblique bangs in a somewhat different way: cut the hair with small teeth of the scissors (in this case the fringing will be "ornamental"). When deciding how long a bang should be, do not forget that after drying, the hair will rise slightly.

If you first cut your own oblique bangs, make it one and a half centimeters longer than the desired length. This is for you a kind of safety net: it's better to walk with scissors a second time and adjust the length and shape of the oblique bangs than from the first attempt to cut it ugly (and there will not be an opportunity to correct the mistake, so you'll have to wait until your hair grows).

В том случае если челка у вас густая, но вы хотите ее слегка проредить, разделите отделенную часть волос на несколько вертикальных прядей толщиной в сантиметр и зачешите их. Затем оттяните прядку (она должна располагаться перпендикулярно к лицу) и зажмите ее пальцами так, чтобы у вас получился своего рода треугольник. Волосы, выступающие за пальцы, срежьте под прямым углом.

Under this scheme, cut the hair of each separated strand, that is, perform a trim across the entire width of the bangs.

If the bangs are sparse, after prizes можно просто профилировать специальными ножницами. При этом помните, что филировка может быть глубокой или легкой (какую сделать – это ваш выбор).

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