How to cut long hair

How to cut long hair
Long hair are a powerful weapon of female attractiveness. But they require careful care and take a lot of time. Therefore, the part is longhairx women are solved for shorter haircuts. So, how to cut long hair?

To determine which haircut is right for you, you need to set the shape of your face. If you are the owner of an oval-type face, then you can think that you are very lucky. Girls with овальным лицом almost any type of haircuts are suitable. When choosing a haircut, you only need to pay special attention to the proportions of the neck and face. For women owners round a person is permissible all but one – can not be completely removed from the face hair, combing them back. If your face is characterized by prominent chin and cheekbones, then it refers to a diamond-shaped type. In this case, it would be appropriate to short haircuts, with slightly elongated strands on the temples. In haircuts for girls with a square face shape, there should not be too sharp and sharp lines. And if you have a triangular face, it's not worth it short shear hair. Short haircuts sharpen the features, opening the chin.

A very important factor determining the choice of haircuts is the proportions of the forehead, nose and chin. If you have a high forehead or a big nose, then a bang in such a situation is simply necessary. At the same time, it is important to make it of sufficient length and density. Such a bang can help a little to smooth out the facial features. If you have very full cheeks, do not do too smooth hairstyles with a long bang. In addition, do not part in the center of the head. If you have a large chin, then remember that the visual counterbalance to it will help to create haircuts with narrow temples and a lush vertex.

Also important is the structure volos. For thin hair, haircuts are not suitable, assuming a large volume. On the thick hair look good will be any haircut. And for curly fit hairstyles with a feathery contour.

But you need to remember that if you have a haircut hair shortly, then visits to the hairdresser should be more frequent. Structured haircuts, in which the length of the коротких волос составляет 2-3 см, смотрятся на должном уровне лишь первые две недели. Если же вы выбрали слегка асимметричную стрижку средней длиной 4–5 см, то с ней целый месяц можно спокойно жить. С разноуровневой a haircut You can pass 6-7 weeks.

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