How to cut eyebrows

How to cut eyebrows
Sometimes the hairs that make up eyebrows, grow so long that they have to be not only plucked, but also cut. The main thing is to do it very carefully, otherwise your face can be transformed beyond recognition.

You will need
  • – Scissors;
  • – Mirror;
  • – Пинцет.
That understand, what length should be hairs in your eyebrows, проведите несложную процедуру. Предварительно вымытой щеточкой из туши for eyelashes comb your hair upstairs. You see the tips that go far beyond the edges eyebrows? Feel free to cut them off.

For this take sharp, better manicure, scissors – they will be easier to manage. With your left hand, press the hairs and in one movement cut off the excess. The less manipulation of scissors you perform, the smoother your eyebrow.

Затем подравняйте форму eyebrows with tweezers. You will need to pluck out lonely growing short hairs, spoiling the whole look.
How to cut the <strong> eyebrows </ strong>

Of course, the procedure for giving eyebrows the right form is best entrusted to an experienced cosmetologist. But if you do not have the opportunity to go to the beauty salon, you can correct the edges and the house. Just do not get carried away with removing excess hairs. This season in fashion, thick, natural eyebrows. Лучше придайте нужную форму с помощью геля. Для этого аккуратно нанесите немного styler to the inner edge eyebrows и распределите пальцами по всей длине. Так eyebrows will look well-groomed, and your image as a whole will be very stylish and fashionable.
How to cut the <strong> eyebrows </ strong>

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