How to cut an emo

How to cut an emo
Emo's youth subculture is characterized by a mixture of different emotions. But this is also a unique style of hairstyle, which reflects these uncontrollable feelings. Emokids wear not only long, but short hair. How to make a haircut for emo?

Stand in front of the mirror. Scratch half the hair forward and fasten so that it does not interfere. Cut strands on the occipital part in a chaotic order. If the length of the hair is uneven, it will only bring her closer to the style emo. And still, try to guide the scissors from the back of the neck to the chin, which will help to make a more correct asymmetry. If you want to make a short haircut, cut the strands shorter. For hairstyles on long hair, leave the lower strands long over the entire head, and on the upper ones make a short haircut.

Cut the hair in front of a very dense short bang. Or make it up to the length of the chin and scratch it on one side so that it closes one eye. The bang can be made torn, having processed it with special scissors. Pull out the strands when laying and fix with a hairspray. Hair from behind can be combed and given to them sticking out in different directions form. Place short strands with a hair styling gel. On them girls can fasten various hair clips.

Paint the hair in a dark or white color, emphasizing the contrast of individual strands. Avoid staining in black, it will look gross. Choose dark chestnut or brown paint. Dark hair add bright (pink, orange, red) stripes, а белые можно сочетать с синими и зелеными прядями. Прическа emo should symbolize the explosion and changeability emotions.

Обратитесь в салон-парикмахерскую, если не уверены, что сможете постричь волосы самостоятельно. Лучше показать мастеру фотографию той стрижки, которую вы хотите получить в итоге на своих волосах. Парикмахеры охотно экспериментируют, выполняя иногда strange wishes of customers. In addition, the salon has professional paints that can make your strands glow in the dark.

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