How to cut a typewriter

How to cut a typewriter
A visit to a male hairdresser is often regularly postponed for many reasons. Everyone knows about the existence of a free sale of hair clippers, but many do not buy it for a simple reason – they do not know how to cut hair with it.

Prepare a place where you will be sheared. Of course, not on the carpet or carpeting, remove with it small hair практически невозможно. Если вы дома и вас shears близкий человек, снимите всю одежду (плавки можно оставить). В противном случае попросите накрыть плечи чем-то вроде того «чехла», которым обычно накрывают в парикмахерской.

Determine the length volos, with the general form haircuts – Then adjust the nozzles. As a rule, modern machines have nozzles up to 10 mm.

Сядьте так, чтобы голова освещалась равномерно, иначе отбрасываемые тени сделают свое черное дело. Можно сесть на табурет прямо под люстрой.

Decide on the height of the climb коротких волос on the sides and behind. A nozzle with a shorter length cut your hair to this border, starting to drive the machine from the bottom up. So shear машинкой нужно по всей голове.

Place the nozzle on the length of hair you want to have on top. Or, if you want the hair on top, use a pair of scissors and a comb. Shear the hair from above.

Set the nozzle in an intermediate position – the middle between the first and second case. On the head there is a clear transition, formed hair different lengths – around the entire head, just on the border to which you raised the machine. Carry along this visible border, seeking smoothing the transition.

Remove the nozzle completely. The machine without a nozzle works like a razor, if you hold it by the back side. You do not need to shave, you need to make a neat edging (like in the army). Just do not forget to bend the ears with your free hand, the machine can cut the delicate skin. After such a haircut, the edge of the blade is not needed.

Now go to the bathroom and carefully examine your head. If something does not suit, it is better to fix it right away.

After the haircuts are completed, you must always take a bath, since small hair is not shaken off with a towel. Of course, if you undressed. If not – wash your head and rejoice at your new haircut, выполненной в domestic conditions.

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