How to cut a pregnant woman

How to cut a pregnant woman
Bearing a child is a very trembling period for any woman. Against the backdrop of pleasant unrest, even realists may have some superstitions over a seemingly banal occasion. For example, many people can not decide for themselves whether to get their hair cut or not and when to do it.

With a haircut during pregnancy, many signs are associated, usually without real soil. For example, the grandmother's superstition holds the view that to cut, bearing a baby, means to shorten his mind, provoke premature birth, and even lead to the death of the fetus. Also from the depths of the centuries in 21 century superstition crept in that it was like cutting a baby to be cut. That is, if a woman is in a position to visit a hairdresser, she will invariably have a female child or, as the modern "experts" say, a latent gay. All this is stupidity, which only interfere with life.

Another 100 years ago the question of when to get a haircut during pregnancy did not even arise, since women have never cut hair in their lives. First, it was considered indecent. Secondly, long hair was associated with beauty. Thirdly, the hair was considered a source of energy, they were cut off only during a serious illness or when tonsuring in a nun. A trimming of the braids during pregnancy was something akin to a renunciation of his former life.

However, modern girls should not worry about such superstitions, which for hundreds of years have not been confirmed. It is worthwhile to judge sensibly – unless the hairdresser is able to reprogram the sex of the child, and the length of the hair will somehow affect the duration of his life? Therefore, the question of how to get a haircut for a pregnant woman can be answered with confidence – whatever.

Most often, being in an interesting position, women begin to think about a short haircut because the hair falls out and splits. This process is associated with a change in the hormonal background, a decrease in immunity and a general weakening of the body. No wonder that the head of hear begins to thin out, because the future mother gives her baby the lion's share of all vitamins, which she receives from food. In this case, do not hesitate, get a haircut pregnant or not, you need to go and make a new hairstyle to keep the bulk of hair healthy.

Women who are interested in haircutting during pregnancy are advised to visit the hairdresser when the condition of the head of hair requires it. Have you noticed that curls are cut, weakened and look unattractive? Women in the situation and so many reasons for stress, do not aggravate the situation with discontent with their appearance. Go to the salon and get your hair cut as you like. And if you get a master who believes in superstition, just change into another chair – such a person can not be considered a professional.

To understand how to get a haircut for a pregnant woman, it is worth taking into account the changes in appearance that have occurred in the last few months. Skillful haircut and beautiful styling will favorably affect both the condition of the hair and the mood of the future mummy.

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