How to cut a man's hairstyle

How to cut a man's hairstyle
At present, on the shelves of stores a wide range of electric machines has appeared haircuts hair. They are presented in different price range and from different manufacturers. But all hair clippers are designed for one common purpose – male haircuts at home. At home you can make a haircut no worse than in the salon. A special skill for this will not be required. There are several types of haircuts.

You can cut everything hair one size of the nozzle length, holding the machine against growth volos. Whiskey and neck area to process without a nozzle, to turn the machine towards hair. This will be the simplest a haircut.

Для того, чтобы сделать более сложную стрижку, относящуюся к model классификации, установите желаемую длину насадки №1 или №2. Держите машинку лезвием вверх. Начинайте стрижку от шеи с начала роста волос. Стригите таким образом до затылочной части.

Change the nozzle, to No. 3 or # 4 and cut it to the top of the head. Next, change the nozzle to # 1 or # 2 and trim the hair on the temples. And again, put No. 3 or # 4 and cut from the temples, pointing the machine to the top of the head.

Затем от макушки ведите машинку против роста волос по направлению к темени. Если стричь по направлению роста волос, то они будут различными по длине.

You can use a comb to cut hair and cut the hair on top of it.

Always start the hairstyle from the back head.

The final procedure is to trim the hair on the temples and neck. To do this, remove all attachments, turn the machine toward the hair and trim the whiskey and neck.

For conical haircuts, install the nozzle No. 4 and cut it from the back part towards the top of the head. Then cut against the growth of hair from the front and with sides. To get a flat top, you need to lift the hair comb and shear comb.

For a successful haircut, you need to cut clean, dry hair.

After each hairstyle the machine needs to be shaken off from hair by a special brush. Blades need to be lubricated oil, которое идет в наборе с machine.

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