How to cut a man with a typewriter

How to cut a man with a typewriter
Short hairstyles are capable of giving a man a courageous, brutal look. The machine cuts the hair by sliding its upper movable teeth along the bottom (fixed). The main principle of the work is the advance of the machine against the growth of hair, which promotes the formation of resistance and their cutting.

You will need
  • – Hair clipper;
  • – a comb with small teeth;
  • – thinning scissors.
If it is necessary to simultaneously cut a large bundle of hair, squeeze and unclench the handle of the machine to the point of failure. This will help not to damage the hair. If you drive machine by their growth, they will be pressed to the head, and the result will be zero.

Watch the speed of the machine. At high speed, the plate located in the upper part slows down and does not have time to cut off all the hair that gets between the teeth. Pain can begin. When cutting the hair off the top do not "take" the machine from the head too sharply, smoothly slow down the work on the weight.

Especially popular are short Men стрижки. Вы можете сделать самый простой вариант – остричься наголо. Если вы дилетант в обращении с machine, then cut the hair using one size of the nozzle length. When handling the temples and the neck area, do not use the nozzle.

For a more complex haircut, determine the length of the nozzle (preferably take the number 2). The machine blade point upwards. Start from the neck, from the place where the hair begins. Continue to do the hair cutting in this way until you reach the back of the head. Next, change the nozzle to the number 3 and remove the hair to the top of the head. When cutting, use a comb and try to cut off excess hair on top of it. In the end, trim the hair on the temples and neck.

This semi-box hairstyle has the main difference – it's smooth transitions from very short hair to longer and longer. The half-box is suitable for Men with an oval and square type face. Use the basic methods of haircuts: bringing hair to nothing, machine haircut and edging. In the parietal area, you should leave the length of the hair about 6-7 cm. For other sites, an 4 x centimeter length is appropriate. Remember the clear passage of the Swift boundary, which runs along the top behind the ears and descends to the center under the back of the head. At the end of the haircut, profile the hair.

To hair was successful, cut the machine only dry hair. At the end, shake off the appliance from the hair with a brush. Lubricate all blades with special oil included in the kit.

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