How to cut a cascade

How to cut a cascade
You can make a haircut for a cascade on short or long hair. Regardless of the length, it helps to make the hair more luxurious and suitable for almost everyone. The main tools are straight and thinning scissors, as well as comb and hair clips.

You will need
  • – straight scissors;
  • – Scissors for filing strands;
  • – comb;
  • – заколки.
Before work, wet hair, and then comb it thoroughly. If the hair is dirty, then first wash it, and then dry it with a towel. There are several ways to cut a cascade on hair of different lengths. If they barely reach the shoulders or just below their level, then it should start from the top of the head. Each time, working with one zone, fasten the rest of your hair with the help of a hairpin.

Select the strand thickness 1-1,5 cm and cut as required. She will be the control for the whole hairstyle. As a rule, its length is 5-8 cm. Alternately combing the remaining locks of the occipital zone to it, shorten them with straight scissors at the same level.
How to cut a cascade

Align the length of the control strand of the hair of the lateral and frontal zones.
How to cut a cascade

Do the same with the temporal areas and the parietal zone, strand behind the strand.
How to cut a cascade

The method described assumes an equal length of hair when combed upward. Then you get an elegant three-dimensional haircut with a rather long bang. To make it shorter, comb the hair of the parietal area forward. Select from it a new control strand and trim the rest of the strand, grabbing the area of ??the temples.

To make the haircut a cascade on long hair, take a control strand from the front. Then pull the hair along the partitions parallel to the floor and cut it at its level. So, go through all the hair zones to the occipital part.
How to cut a cascade

After the end of the main work, carefully comb the hair and trim off the strands and individual hairs. Repeat this step several times. If the hair is straight, they should be treated with thinning scissors, preferably on several levels to create additional volume.

The form "cascade" gives the hairdress a naturalness and beauty. This haircut is easy to lay, the main thing is to dry your hair properly. You can use a hairdryer and allow them to dry naturally, periodically whipping with your hands. Especially spectacular the cascade looks on long hair.

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