How to cut a cascade in 2018 year

How to cut a cascade in 2018 year
Существует две техники выполнения стрижки «Каскад». Каким именно способом воспользуется парикмахер при своей работе, зависит от длины волос клиентки. Стрижка «Каскад» делается на длинных волосах и на волосах средней длины.

Be sure to wet hairthat they were obedient at a hairstyle. Then divide the hair into zones and secure with hairpins. If the hair long, then you can simply divide them in half by running a line, as if you wanted to seal up two ponytails. Select the strand from the front and cut it to the desired length. With more short hair Prjadku it is necessary to allocate in a zone of a vertex. The length of the control strand with short hair is usually 5-8, see.

При длинных волосах захватывайте около контрольной пряди следующий локон шириной 1-1,5 см и, оттягивая волосы горизонтально к лицу, равняйте их на одну длину. Волосы middle length It should be directed vertically when aligned.

With long hair, first shape the entire parietal area, and then treat the sides of the head. On more short hair first processed head, and then the sides, whiskey and the crown. Whichever zone you are working on, pull the hair to the control strand. Orient only to the original length, so that the haircut is symmetrical.

To finish the haircut you need a snap. To do this, comb the hair, taking into account their direction growth. Match the tips to give the haircut a neat look. Again, comb your hair and see if there are any strands left intact.

Последним штрихом любой haircuts is filing volos special scissors. Long hair can be milled for the full length. Hair of medium length with thinning scissors is better to pass immediately through several levels. This stage will give the haircut "Cascade" a finished look, the hair will fall beautifully and naturally.

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