How to curl your hair

How to curl your hair
At all times women tried to look as good as possible, experimenting on their appearance. And change the look volos – it is simple and very effective. Owners of long hair can change not only the different haircuts and hairstyles, but also the structure of the hair, making them, for example, charmingly curly.

P "P" SЏ hair wave there are many ways and adaptations. The safest, perhaps, is the way curling hair curlers. With the help of curlers you can get beautiful curls without damaging them with temperature treatment.

Wash hair according to the type of your hair. Moisten them with a fixing agent or gel for styling. Divide Wet hair on small parts. Starting from the vertex, carefully fasten the curlers on each hairline. For best results, allow the hair to dry naturally. If you are in a hurry and you need to get the wavy effect in the near future, use a hair dryer for additional drying.

Long hair завивайте на бигуди среднего или крупного размера. Бигуди на липучках подходят только для коротких волос, так как длинную прядь они удержать не смогут. Если вы стремитесь придать объем вашей прическе, то для завивки на макушке используйте бигуди большего диаметра, чем на остальных прядях.

If you leave curlers for the night, then you will be more comfortable to use flexible curlers – папильотки. Но имейте в виду, что пряди для них требуются более тонкие и кудри получатся более мелкие. Закрепите их так же, на влажные hair, if desired, apply the styling agent. Starting at the end of the strand, wind hair up to the roots, and connect the edges of the hairpin tightly together.

If you need to perform a haircut in a short time and you do not have time to dry it, use a curler for a hot wave. With their help to achieve a curly hairstyle is much easier and faster. Among their varieties, one can note the curlers of the past – those that, before application to hair It is necessary to keep 20 minutes in boiling water for obtaining the desired temperature regime, and modern electric curlers coated with a special heat-resistant material that protects hair from overheating.

After the final drying of the hair, carefully remove the curlers. Smooth your hair and drizzle hair varnish for fastening. If you need a more magnificent hairdo, then with your fingers divide each curl into smaller curls and also fix the received volume with varnish.

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