How to curl your hair better

How to curl your hair better
Curly hair give the female image tenderness and romance. You can make curls at home. To make them neat and beautiful, you need to properly use the curling iron.

You will need
  • – ployka;
  • – means for styling hair;
  • – hairdryer.
Обратите внимание на температурный режим инструмента, чтобы не сжечь hair. Adjust the degree of heating according to the following principle: the thinner the hair, the lower the temperature. For thick naughty hair, the degree of heating should be higher. The covering of the waving tool must be ceramic, Teflon or tourmaline.

Select the curling plate of the desired size. Tight curls are obtained if you wind hair on the device of small diameter. Wavy light curls can be obtained using a large diameter tool.

Apply to wet hair a small amount of foam or mousse, dry them with a hair dryer. If you want to get a free hairstyle, do not put a hair product on, just wash and dry them.

Расчешите чистые сухие hair, zakolite the bulk of hair on the crown, leaving strands on the back of the head, apply a thermal protective agent on them. Especially carefully treat the tips of hair to prevent their splitting.

Separate a strand thick 1,5-2 cm and from the ends of the hair curl it on the curling iron. In order not to burn hair, keep it about 20-30 seconds. A beautiful and elastic curl will come out if you carefully release the swirling hair, without unwinding the strand. In this way, twist the strands over the entire head.

Lay down hair in the hair, using a gel or mousse. Strong curls will be obtained if hair do not comb, but lightly toss your fingers. Fix the finished packing with a hairspray.

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