How to curl the hair on the tongs

How to curl the hair on the tongs
Every woman wants to look irresistible and catch the enthusiastic glances of men. Beautiful and well-groomed hair always attracts attention. In order to make this or that hairstyle, ladies use various means and adaptations. Curling irons for hair are available in the arsenal of almost every representative of the weaker sex.

You will need
  • The conditioner for hair, tongs for hair.
Wash hair. When washing, be sure to use an air conditioner for hair. Он защищает волосы во time waving and allow less time to spend on packing.

Thoroughly dry your hair. Exposed to electrical appliances can only dry hair. Otherwise, you can to burn their.

Завивайте волосы locks. Чем толще прядь, тем longer времени уходит на ее завивку. Маленькие пряди не требует большого времени для завивки.

Do not comb and do not wash your hair at once after waving. Curls can instantly disappear, and all your work will be in vain.

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