How to curl hair without curling hair and curlers

How to curl hair without curling hair and curlers
Having curls or just wavy hair is the dream of many girls. And this is not surprising, because these lovely curls give femininity and sexuality to the image. Do not be upset if you are the owner of straight hair, because to make cute curls is within the power of every girl, and there are even ways in which you do not need curlers or ploys.

Spikelet and pigtail

Get pretty waves without curlers it is quite simple, for example, you can simply wash your hair, dry it, comb it well, then apply foam or hair wax and braid tight "spikelets". After the fixing agent has completely dried, loosen hair, gently spread it with hands and sprinkle with varnish. This hairstyle looks very good on medium length hair. It is worth noting, if desired, you can braid not spikelet, but a pigtail or a few thin plaits. However, in this case, remember: the more braids you braid, the smaller the waves will be.


This method is suitable for those who do not know how to weave braids or do not want. First of all, wash your hair, lightly dry it (but not completely, it is necessary that the hair is wet), then apply a little foam on them and divide into equal strands. Take one strand of hair and start to twist it clockwise (or against) until it turns into a "gulk". Do the same with the rest of the strands and fix the resulting "bumps" invisible. The time of curling depends on the type of your hair: the harder and unruly hair, the more time you will need. After blooming, carefully disassemble them with your hands (do not use the comb at all) and sprinkle with a small amount of varnish.

"Soft hoop"

If you need to make curls, but no curling irons or curlers are at hand, then you can use the "soft hoop", which is mainly used to create hairstyles in the Greek style. To create cute curls, put a hoop on your head, then start passing the strands under the elastic, with each strand several times. If desired, treat the hair with a fixative before starting the procedure. This method is great for those who want to create beautiful curls from the middle of the length of the hair.


To create large curls, a twister-twister (an accessory for creating a "bun" hairstyle) can not be better. Wash your hair, dry it, collect it on the vertex, wrap it around the twister, fix it and leave it in this position for several hours. After the passage of time, release the hair, straighten the curls and fix the hair with a varnish.

Baby wipes

If you want to create small curls all over your head without using hair curlers and curling irons, then you can use ordinary baby napkins. Prepare the hair for the procedure: wash it, dry it, apply foam. Next, divide the hair into strands (the more strands, the finer the curls will be) and tuck each strand carefully on the napkin as if winding on curlers. Once the strands are completely twisted, tie the ends of the napkins into knots. This way of waving is good because with such "curlers" you can sleep, while not being afraid for the condition of the hair. At the end of the procedure, wipe the napkins, curls lay in a beautiful hairstyle and fix it with lacquer.

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