How to curl hair without curlers and forceps

How to curl hair without curlers and forceps
In a woman's life, sometimes there are situations where it is necessary to create beautiful curls at home, and at hand there is no curlers, no forceps, or other hairdresser's accessories. However, the situation is not as hopeless as it might seem at first glance – there are many ways with which you can curl your hair without curlers, using only improvised materials.

How to curl short hair

Short haircuts often lack of puffiness and volume, so the most effective hair style will look if you make large curls. To do this, you need to wash your head, dry your hair with a towel and apply a whole lot of mousse or foam to make the styling.

We divide the hair with a straight part, then the comb with a long tail parallel to the line of the parting we separate a small strand, 2-3 cm in width. Carefully wrap the hair around the index finger, forming a tight round curl. The twisted strand is gently fixed with a clamp so that the curl does not crumble.

Similarly, wind the rest of the hair on the front surface of the head. At the temples, where the hair is usually shorter than in other areas, curls are laid in a semicircle towards the auricle. To get beautiful curls in the occipital and parietal areas, strands must be wound in the direction from the face to the back surface of the neck.

Twisted strands are dried naturally or with slightly warm air from the hair dryer, after which the hair is allowed to cool and carefully remove the clamps. Fingers are gently combed by short curls, then with a spine with rare teeth the hair is given the final shape.

Curl of long hair

To curl long hair, you will need the most common ribbons or small flaps of cotton cloth, cut into strips about 4 in width. The length of the strips should be about 2 times the length of the hair. The width of the strands will depend on the size of the curl: large curls are obtained from strands of hair about 5 cm wide, to create small curls, enough strands about 2 cm.

The hair is carefully combed, divided into two parts by a central part and sprinkled with a light spray for styling. Separately, the strand is twisted by fingers along the entire length, after which it is bandaged at the very roots of the hair with a prepared cloth flap. One end of the ribbon is wrapped around a twisted strand, trying to keep the fabric as flat as possible. Then, in the opposite direction, wind the second end of the tape.

The wrapped fabric is turned into a spiral, pressed against the head and fixed with a knot formed by the free ends of the patchwork tape. The same actions are repeated with the remaining strands of hair. The most beautiful and elastic curls on long hair are obtained if the waving time is from 3-4 hours. After the tapes are removed, the head is tilted forward and the fingers gently comb the curled hair, applying a small amount of lacquer on the roots – this gives the locks an extra volume.

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