How to cure scars on the face

How to cure scars on the face
Scars on the face appear as a result of replacement of skin tissues with connective tissue after mechanical, temperature effects and skin diseases. Dermatologists and surgeons-cosmetologists deal with this problem. And the success of treatment largely depends on when this problem has appeared. The earlier you solve it, the sooner you will get rid of it or, at least, noticeably improve the skin condition.

If you already had scars on your face – it's bad, because, probably, time is lost and you should adjust yourself to long-term treatment; but still better later than never. Determine the type of rumen. If there is a physiological scarring, the scar turns a little pale and becomes denser. But if it gets a brighter color (turns blue or blushes) and increases in size, then, unfortunately, you begin to develop a pathological scarring, and there must be a doctor's intervention. From such scars get rid of forever will not work, but the surgeon can correct their appearance.

The normotrophic scab is superficial, it is pale or bodily and almost as elastic as the surrounding tissue. For its treatment, use external medicinal products – special creams or ointments that have the property of restoring scar tissue. When buying these tools, read their composition, carefully read the instructions.

The scar atrophic is below the level of the skin, it is light and flabby, like a "hole" from smallpox. To remove it, the resulting cavity is filled with collagen injections.

The hypertrophic scar has a pink color, and it protrudes above the surface of the skin. Apply to get rid of such a scar vitamin E (if the scars are not very large and the problem did not appear very long ago). Lubricate them twice a day with a concentrated oily solution of this vitamin. But the result can only appear in a few weeks. Unfortunately, a contraindication may be a hypersensitivity to this vitamin. Also successfully used to treat this type of scars are creams with vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

Use folk remedies. For example, rub your face several times a day with infusion of calendula and make masks from it. You can also use a mask of egg white with sour cream (for one protein 4 tablespoons of sour cream) – this will soften and smooth out acne scars.

For treatment use steroid means externally or in the form of injections. They are prescribed by a doctor.

You should resort to treatment with the help of electrophoresis or ultraphonophoresis with the use of appropriate ointments or injections of hormonal drugs. Small scars of this type are also treated with chemical peeling, microdermabrasion and laser facial polishing. The most complex scars of this type are reduced by the excision of scar tissue by a surgeon.

Contact the beauty salon. In this case, microdermabrasion or chemical peeling of the face is used.

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