How to crush acne

How to crush acne

С pimples faced every once in a lifetime. They appear in the most unnecessary place and at the most inopportune time. To press or not to press – that is the question? Cosmetologists do not categorically recommend this because of the likelihood of the formation of a scar at this place. If you still decide to remove the pimple, then it should be ripe, with a clearly visible white head. To remove pimples, you need to perform a simple procedure.

Wash the hands, that инфекция с них не попала в ранку.

Prepare the disinfectant material. Потребуется вата (ватные диски или ватные палочки) и дезинфицирующий раствор (alcohol, peroxide hydrogen, chlorhexidine, alcohol herbal tincture or cologne).

Wipe the skin around acne и сам прыщ ватным диском, смоченным в спирте.

Press on the skin around the pimple from two sides with your fingers towards the pimple. Press until the contents of the wound cease to come out: pus, blood, or sugars.

Протереть ранку новым ватным диском, смоченным в спирте. Можно даже оставить на время маленькую спиртовую примочку на ранке.

Вымыть руки.

In no case do not remove from the face of the wound formed on the site of the wound until it is independently spilled. This crust helps формироваться соединительным тканям, чтобы не возник рубец.
Remember that the main problem pimples not external, but internal. If they steel you bother, try to refer to specialists – cosmetologists or dermatologists.

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