How to create volume in 2017 year

How to create volume in 2017 year
If at you not dense voloss, do not get upset. After all, the volume can be given even to the thinnest hair. We offer you a few tips to help give your hair a visual volume so that it seemed to others that you really have thick and curvy hair.

The first thing you should pay attention to is hair color. It is from the color of your volos in many ways depends on how they see others. In some cases, it is enough just to repaint объем волос visually increased. The lighter the color of hair, the more lush they seem. Conversely, the darker hair, so they seem less lush.

Альтернативой перекрашиванию волос может послужить колорирование. Это такая процедура, при которой ваши волосы окрашиваются не полностью, а лишь прядями. Правильно окрашенные локоны отлично сочетаются с общим фоном волос и зрительно увеличивают их объем.

Now pay attention to the way you use the styling products. Today, ladies have plenty to choose from: mousses, varnishes, foams, and other means. You should know that such heavy hair styling products like varnishes for your purposes will not work. But foam and sprays use it is possible and necessary. Hair they do not heavier, which gives the hair more lightness and airiness.

Using a hair dryer during hair styling also contributes to giving them extra volume. Direct the hair dryer when drying the hair from the bottom up to raise and fix the hair.

Velcro curlers are a great invention. Twist your curlers hair with thin strands. And do not forget to first spray your hair with a spray at the roots. Then your hair will retain its splendor for a long time.

Последнее средство придания тонким hair extra volume – this is the right haircut. A haircut with a ladder with a partial removal of the upper layer of hair is perfect. In addition, it is recommended to do the styling every day. Curl the upper strands on large curlers, Velcro. And lower strands wind on the narrower and long curlers. Such a packing will look bulky and very beautiful. It's all.

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