How to create a make-up for New Year's Eve. The best examples of New Year's make-up

How to create a make-up for New Year's Eve. The best examples of New Year's make-up
With the New Year holidays a lot of trouble is connected. One of the most pleasant among them is the creation of the New Year's image. I want to make a gift for myself and try something new – magical and sparkling. Because the New Year's party – even if it passes at home in a close family circle – is a special time when we symbolically meet the new. Here are a few suggestions, how to re-discover your uniqueness and create a very special mood.



Thousands of lights light up in the streets, in houses and on Christmas trees. In this fabulous coverage, all types of sparkles are ever more relevant – from the stellar "dust" on the shoulders and hair to the big stars, sequins and crystals. It's time to experiment with glitters. A few ideas, how to go into shiny hoes and not go too far.

A safe option for those who apply glitter for the first time: a brilliant accent on the eyes + matt nude lipstick. Align the tone, comb and fix the eyebrows, dye the eyelashes and go to the eyelids. Mandatory basis when working with loose glitters – when applied to both the eyelids and lips – primers. They perform two main functions: prepare the skin for make-up, mask imperfections and fill wrinkles, and create a base layer for the durability of all subsequent. And persistence in make-up with glitters is the main task.

We use the base under the shadows with camellia oil from Yves Rocher, which will take care of the skin of the eyelids all evening, choose the ultra-resistant cream eyeshadow in the tone of a crumbly glitter with large sequins that will be the third layer. Glitter does not fix on the skin without a viscous base, in the role of which the primer for the eyelids can act. But choosing cream shadows, you will achieve a more dense color and additional durability.

Therefore, we choose cream shades with an ultra-resistant formula, resistant to water and heat (with a metallic effect). Be sure to fix all means for fixing makeup. It is important to note that glitter is not so easy to wash off the face. To do this, you need a drift-phase remover to remove make-up with oils.

With my eyes sorted out. It is possible to use several multicolored glitters for more complex combinations by the same principle of multi-layer application.


With shiny lips, the principle is the same: multilayered. We begin with the lip primer. Use a pencil for the lips, if you want a clear outline. We choose lipstick in a shine for the density of the coating, because glitter is friable shiny, which on uncoated lips will look like glitter on a transparent background.

To create this make-up, you can stop on a lipstick-lipstick pencil with shimmering cranberries from Yves Rocher or on the lipstick of the Grand Rouge of a rich berry color. Glitter layer, a layer of gloss-care Virtuosity and fix the makeup with a spray for fixation. And yes, all New Year cocktails with such beauty – only through a tube.

A few more ideas for brilliant images for New Year's Eve. Instead of friable glitter, combinations of mother-of-pearl shades are quite appropriate. So for an option from 3 and more colors, it's most convenient to use a palette of shadows containing pearl colors. For example, the makeup palette "40 shades" Yves Rocher, where matte, shiny and pearly shades of shades perfectly match for complex iridescent variations.

For a larger glitter in the form of sequins, it is better to use a special pramer for sequins. It is applied in a thick layer with a beveled brush for shadows, and then carefully distribute the sequins.

To support the shine on the eyes and lips will help accurate punctual application of powder-hylaytera on cheekbones, nose and chin.


If you are a fan of minimalism and simple combinations, the holiday make-up in the style of minimalism is created by a literal one line.

Aligning the tone and choosing a lipstick, we focus on the dullness. All attention in this case will be in full view. For geometric eyeliner we will need a matte eye shadow, for example, a pink fuchsia shade from Yves Rocherwith apricot oil for soft application. To increase the contrast with the whiteness and tenderness of the skin, we even out the color of the eyelids with the primer for the eyelids.

Support the color of the liner will help unusual accessories, as the main emphasis in a minimalistic image.

You can, on the contrary, bright matte eyeliner to emphasize the powder-hylayterom on the cheekbones and highlater on the contour of the lips. Makeup will shine with freshness and tropical sun.


If you have a mop of bright red, yellow, blue or any other hair, the most interesting thing is to build makeup on contrasting and close in color with the hair combinations. And if you do not have it – then you will be pleased with the variety of means for temporary dyeing of hair in any color of the rainbow (or all at once).

Red hair, brown lipstick with a copper tint and yellow shadows: this make-up can be recreated with the help of matte pencil eyeshadow shades of yellow mimosa and lipstick Grand Rouge of a brown hue. For copper casting, you can put purple shadows in the center of the lower lip and fix it with a firm lip gloss.

An excellent holiday solution for simple make-up: fluffy, gel-fixed eyebrows and bright blue mascara.

Option with false eyelashes and contrasting blue eyeliner can be created with a waterproof pencil-eyeliner for the eye contour of ultra-saturated blue. Cream texture will help it to accurately apply and fill the entire space of the mobile age, and the water resistant formula will retain long thin hands for the whole night. In this case, it is better to put the stars on the primer for glitter with the help of a brush.


This season there is nothing more fashionable than the lips of Bordeaux. For official New Year receptions and cocktail parties with colleagues, make the whole bet on the lips.

For a saturated, persistent color of lips, we use a lip gloss with the matte effect of Grand Rouge L'ELIXIR. Its ultra-pigmented formula gives a deep expressive and even color, beautifully emphasizing the shape of the lips.

Bordovye lipsticks became popular not only for irreproachable classical images, but also for the opportunity to use them in the most daring combinations. If you are already ready for a stunning trendy outfit for the New Year's separation, the burgundy matte persistent lipstick, neatly applied by the telescopic lip brush, is your source of strength and confidence for the whole New Year.