How to create a hairstyle with a shaven temple

How to create a hairstyle with a shaven temple
Hairstyles with a shaven temple are a consequence of the rapid development of the latest trends in fashion. Today, thanks to all kinds of media trends are changing almost instantly. Until recently, a women's hairstyle with a shaven temple was not very popular, but now hairdressers offer a whole range of different images.

Модные стилисты и дизайнеры рекомендуют делать для причесок with a shaven temple, high napes and styling, neat plaits along the outline of the cut hair will also be appropriate. Romantic ringlets will be superfluous, since such a hairstyle is most often used to create a brutal and aggressive, rather than romantic and feminine.

Pay also due attention to ornaments. Use small and neat earrings, discard long threads and large rings. Also use simple hair clips, avoid бантиков, hoops and various curly accessories.

Girls who are shaved left or right High, it is recommended to straighten (for example, ironing) the rest of the hair to visually increase their length. Then, the hair is combed and laid with mousse in the opposite direction from the shaved part. As an alternative, you can curl your hair and then lay it down. So you give them a vivid contrast along the entire length.

When creating a styling, you can tint shaved parts. You can choose a variety of shades, but it's better to stay on the brightest and most aggressive ones. So you can create a really interesting hairstyle.

More often girls стремятся создать яркий и запоминающийся образ, делая короткую прическу с выбриванием обоих висков. Обладательницам такой стрижки достаточно будет уложить волосы так, как нужно, с помощью заколок, чтобы создать «шапочку» над выбритыми участками. Такая прическа с выбритыми висками очень красиво будет смотреться на девушках с резкими чертами лица и большими глазами и придаст им вызывающий и открытый вид.

If you have shaved not only the whiskey, but the neck, and you love experiments, in this case, the remaining hair can be slightly grown to collect in a long braid, using shiny hairpins. So you can create the image of a real Egyptian queen. Hairstyle suitable for girls with smooth body features and a long neck, organically combined with tops and dresses with open shoulders.

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