How to create a basic wardrobe in 2018 year

How to create a basic wardrobe in 2018 year
As you know, a real woman is inevitably faced with two problems: lack of space in the closet and lack of suitable clothing. To always look irresistible and stylish, you should work on creating a basic wardrobe. Several universal things will help to realize any image you like.

Get rid of excess. Before cardinally updating a wardrobe, it is necessary to conduct revision of already available clothes. Surely you have really loved things and successful purchases, in which you feel comfortable and attractive. Such clothes should be left on hangers and shelves, but all the rest of the contents шкафа: the old, out of fashion or lost its presentable appearance, donated or bought in haste and not worn even once, should be discarded without regret.

Найдите «свое», определитесь, какой стиль в одежде вам ближе. Так, преуспевающей карьеристке стоит обратить внимание на красивые вещи, подходящие для офиса, а молодой маме — на стильную одежду в стиле casual или даже спортивного плана. Кроме того, существует ряд вещей, которые уместны в гардеробе любой женщины.

Pay attention to universal things. Black and white tops will become the base of many everyday images. Adding a cardigan and skirt to the floor, you can create an easy and romantic наряд. А сочетая их с джинсовой курткой и кожаными брюками получите отличный вариант для вечеринки. Еще одна находка для любой модницы — черная водолазка. Во-первых, она делает фигуру визуально стройнее и изящнее, а во-вторых — подходит практически ко всем вещам. Обязательно стоит приобрести темно-синие джинсы и черные брюки. Критерии выбора: качество и идеальная посадка. Не жалейте времени и денег на то, чтобы найти и купить эту «парочку», которая не раз выручит вас.

Choose a classic. A white fitted blouse is an indispensable element of the wardrobe working women. The main thing that she sat strictly on a figure and beautifully emphasized a silhouette. It is better to have even two white shirts, slightly different in shape. Finish a chic working image will help a classic pencil skirt, which should also take pride of place in cabinet. Cardigan length to the waist will be a perfect replacement for a strict jacket or blazer. It is useful both in the office, and on a walk or during a trip to nature. It is worthwhile to pay attention to the elongated cardigans, which are fashionable to be worn by an intercepted thin strap. Combine them with jeans, trousers or narrow dresses. But your most important purchase is, of course, a small black dress. In fact, it can be any length or style. Choose the dress that turns you into a real lady, help to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws.

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