How to cover your ears with hair

How to cover your ears with hair
If the ears protrude, protruding or too large, then they give their owner a lot of trouble. They need to be hidden, masked – in a word, to do everything that the defect is not so conspicuous. And stylists have developed even a number of hairstyles that can easily hide ugly ears.

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One of the most common ways to cover unwanted ears is that the hair should be loose. The main thing is to observe the rules for hair care. They, in the first place, should be perfectly cut, always smoothly combed, shiny and healthy in appearance. Otherwise, instead of improving your appearance by visual correction of the defect, you can make your appearance unpleasant.

Не рекомендуются в таком случае заправлять волосы за уши, носить открытые и высокие прически. В случае, если стрижка у вас короткая – то есть нет возможности волосами прикрыть уши – используйте объем. Создайте его с боков. Но учитывайте тот факт, что уши при такой прическе не должны выступать за контуры волос.

Хорошо подойдет обладательнице некрасивых ушей прическа в стиле боб. Она прикроет ухо до середины, спрятав самые заметные выступающие его части, а смотреться будет лаконично и очень аккуратно.

If your hair is long, but thin – so much that you can not cope with the task of hiding ears – then your salvation in curls. There is a lot of space for your creativity and imagination. You can either curl your hair daily with special forceps, curlers and ironing. And you can make yourself a chemo. In any case, your hair will receive an extra volume that will hide your main defect, either protruding or large ears.

Stylists assure: you will fit lavish styling. The main thing is that the hair goes to the earlobes. However, remember that with a very large hairstyle, your face may look a little flattened. Therefore, lift the strands on the vertex.

If you are a lover of braid, then protruding ears are no excuse to give them up. Just need to follow a certain technology of weaving. To do this, start the weave just below the nape so that the upper part of the hair covers the ears quite freely. This will give your hairstyle playfulness due to slight negligence. Precisely on the same principle are made and tails. Tie them around at shoulder level. Beams or cochlea too, are allowed, but only if there are several issued strands framing the face. You can even cut them out specially. Do not forget to twist them a bit inside.

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