How to cover nails with gel-varnish yourself

How to cover nails with gel-varnish yourself
Gel-varnish (sometimes calledvarnish, by the name of the company) is a real salvation for a busy modern woman, because the coating lasts for about two weeks, while maintaining a beautiful appearance. This service is now offered almost all beauty salons, but for the sake of economy, you can make a home coat yourself. This will require special materials and the skill of applying the lacquer, which every woman has.

You will need
  • UV lamp (for home use it is enough to buy a small lamp), a bander, a transparent gel-varnish, which is used both as a base and as a topcoat, colored gel-varnish, soft fine-grained nail file, special liquid for removing the top layer use ordinary alcohol or vodka), cotton wool, a special liquid for removing gel-varnish.
Preparation of nails. Treat the cuticle or push it away with a wooden stick. Treat the nail plate with a soft, mercury-grained nail file to make it slightly matte. Degrease, wiping with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol. This is necessary for better adhesion of the nail to the material.

Cover the nail with a bounder. It acts on the principle of double-sided scotch, that is, "glues" the surface of the nail with gel-varnish. Allow the bender to dry for a few minutes.

Apply a base coat transparent gelLacquer on the nails of one hand, except the thumb. Place in the lamp for 2-3 minutes. The nails on the thumbs are more convenient to "flash" separately, immediately on both hands.

Carefully apply a colored gel-varnish, receding a millimeter from the cuticle. Also put in the lamp for 2-3 minutes. Translucent varnish can be applied in one layer, opaque – in the 2-3 layer, drying each layer under the lamp. During the whole procedure, you can not touch the nails.

Cover with a transparent gel-varnish, again put in a lamp for 2-3 minutes. Then wet the cotton ball with a special liquid or alcohol and treat the nails. (Professionals call this the removal of a sticky layer). And an impeccable manicure is ready! Nails do not need additional drying, they are not smeared and do not wear off.

After two or three weeks, the gel-lacquer needs to be removed. The usual liquid for removal of a varnish to you in it does not help, it is necessary to get special. The technology is quite simple: wet a small piece of cotton pad with liquid, apply to the nail plate and wrap with foil. After 30-40 minutes, the coating will begin to peel off.

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