How to cover a bruise

How to cover a bruise
If before a solemn event you hurt yourself and there is an unpleasant bruise in a prominent place, do not despair. Of course, bruises and bruises should not be masked, but treated with special resorptive hematomas with ointments, but what if you need to look perfect today? Read a few rules and tricks and just disguise it! So, how can one cover the bruise so as not to aggravate the situation, and make it really virtually invisible?

Before you start makeup or camouflage, the skin needs to be moistened – so it's easier to "grab" all the pigments and funds and makeup will not crumble. Slapping movements, apply a small amount of moisturizing (but by no means fatty or nutritious!) cream or gel without oil and wait two minutes.

Take the concealer. It has a dense structure and hides even strong darkening. The concealer can be with a greenish tinge, it will perfectly hide the bluish color. You can also use a camouflage pencil, apply it pointwise, driving the movements, not trying to smudge.

Красный цвет ушибов и синяков нейтрализуется желтым корректором – аккуратно нанесите его и растушуйте, сравняв края или переходы с другим color.

Yellow edges of bruises better cover with a bluish or light purple concealer color, this example is used professional гримеры. Эти цвета нейтрализуют желтизну and after applying a subsequent masking means a bruise will not be practically noticeable.

Now take the cream-powder or dense powder and apply, again, not

растирая, на синяк.

To eliminate swelling, if any, apply ice to the bruise before applying masking agents, wrapped in a napkin or thin package, and leave for a few minutes.

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