How to correct an oval face

How to correct an oval face
The most perfect, not requiring an adjustment, is the oval shape of the face. But what if your outline is far from ideal? With the help of cosmetics and simple techniques it is quite possible to approach harmony.

Triangular type of face – the corners of the small lower jaw are at a distance much smaller than the cheekbones, the forehead is not too high, but wide enough. In order to correct the shape, emphasize the blush on the lateral sections of the cheekbones. Very little apply on the side of the forehead. At evening makeupe whiskey and forehead on the sides obscure. Also use a dark tone on the cheekbones, затушевав его к уголкам рта. Нижнюю челюсть зрительно увеличьте, нанеся пудру более светлого тона.

The square type of face is a wide face with strongly expanded angles of the lower jaw. When applied day makeup нанесите румяна под скулы и растушуйте их от ушей до уголков нижней челюсти. Слегка нанесите румяна на верхние уголки лба, чуть-чуть затемнив их. Для вечернего макияжа наложите тон потемнее на уголки нижней челюсти и растушуйте его в направлении под подбородок. Боковые участки лба также затените, а под скулы наоборот нанесите румяна светлее, телесного цвета.

Rectangular type of face – the face looks like a contour on the square. Blush also put under the cheekbones, shading to the corners of the lower jaw and mouth. Do not forget to put a little blush on the upper part of the forehead and its middle. In the evening, treat the chin, the corners of the lower jaw, the middle and top of the forehead with a dark tone. Blush only under the cheekbones and shade them to the corners of the mouth.

Круглый тип лица – щечки пухлые, подбородок округлой формы. Румяна накладываются под скулами вертикальными мазками. Вечерний макияж подразумевает использование темного тона на висках, углах нижней челюсти, а также на боковых поверхностях щек и лба. Нанесенный тон растушуйте одной линией. Румяна наложите только на область скул.

The elongated oval. With this face form, you can meet a heavy chin or a very high forehead. Sometimes both. To correct defects, apply a horizontal strip of blush under the cheekbones. This way you make the face visually shorter. Using evening make-up, hide the massive chin with a dark, shaded under the lower jaw tone. And darken the upper forehead area.

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