How to conduct deep cleansing of the face at home

How to conduct deep cleansing of the face at home
Deep cleansing of the skin is useful because after it the skin becomes clean and smooth. At home, this procedure can be carried out both chemically and mechanically. To avoid injury to the skin, you need to adhere to some simple rules.

Kinds of deep cleansing of the face

Mechanical cleaning. Such cleansing of the face is carried out with the help of crushed fruits and vegetables, which are used as a natural moisturizing and nourishing agent. Add to them ground coffee beans as abrasive substances – thus removing the layer of dead cells of the epidermis.

Dry cleaning. Its effect resembles the effect of mechanical – the skin "breathes", the blood flows better to its upper layers. The difference in the chemical type of peeling is that it uses substances that dissolve the cornified upper layer of the epidermis.

Stages home cleansing (mechanical peeling)

Clean the skin of contaminants: dust, sebum, dirt and sweat. The most optimal option – to wash, using a gel, foam or milk. Wipe the skin after water treatment is not worth it, it's better just to get wet with a towel.

Use a scrub of fruits or vegetables and coffee beans. As an ingredient suitable apple, banana, cucumber, pumpkin. This procedure will prepare the person for further procedures. Do scrub cleaning is recommended gently, to avoid injury to the skin.

Make a steam bath by preparing a decoction of healthy and suitable herbs for the skin: chamomile, plantain or thyme. Cover yourself with a towel and just breathe on the tub. Skin rinse should last no more than a quarter of an hour.

Hand treat the antiseptic. Remove the black comedones on your face with your fingers, but not with your fingernails (they can leave scars). As an option – use a spoon uno.

Treat the skin with a tonic, paying special attention to the zones of congestion of comedones. Do not flush this product, but wait for the skin to dry completely. Then apply a nourishing cream.

A few useful ways of chemical peeling

Deep cleansing of the skin with salt. After the skin is rasparirovat, take a prepared mixture of salt and shaving cream. Rub the formula into the skin gently so that there is no scarring. Then rinse and use a tonic and nourishing cream.

Peeling with soda. Make a steam bath, instead of herbs, add soda to the water. Rinse the skin for about 7 minutes. After such a procedure, use rubbing lotion and a mask that tightens the skin.

To resort to the procedure of deep cleansing of the skin is not more than once in a month. If the person needs to clean, you can once a week make masks from black clay or use a scrub every 2-3 day.

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