How to conduct buckwheat diet

How to conduct buckwheat diet
Diet on buckwheat is one of the most effective mono-diet. It does not lead to vitamin deficiency due to the rich content of vitamins B, E, PP, folic acid, essential amino acids, microelements and other substances necessary for life in buckwheat. Fiber helps to clean the intestines, and low caloric content allows you to quickly reduce weight.

The buckwheat diet is designed for 1-2 weeks. At its strict observance it is possible to lose for 14 days to 12 kg. If you chose a hard option, eat only buckwheat porridge in any quantity and 1% kefir, no more than 1 l per day. Refuse salt and sugar.

With prolonged heat treatment, some of the nutrients contained in the buckwheat are destroyed. To avoid this, buckwheat is best not to cook, but steam. In the evening, pour a glass of cereal 2-2,5 with a glass of boiling water, wrap the container in a dense fabric and leave it until morning. In the morning, pour excess liquid into a cup and drink as a medicinal infusion. Experimentally determine the amount of cereal, which you will have enough to not suffer from hunger during the day.

Instead of boiling water, you can use a portion of the daily portion of kefir. Pour the croup with kefir so that it is covered with 2-2,5 cm, and leave to swell overnight. In porridge you can add chopped greens, onions, crushed garlic.

Fresh yogurt acts as a laxative, stood more than 3 days, on the contrary, strengthens. You can independently ferment the milk to be sure of the freshness of the product. Boil a liter of milk. When it has cooled to body temperature, add 3 tablespoons of yogurt from the store and stir. In a few hours the new yogurt will be ready.

During the diet, there is an intense loss of fluid by the body. It must be reimbursed. Drink at least 2-2,5 l per day of green or herbal tea, mineral still or purified water.

It should be borne in mind that a complete rejection of salt and sugar, although contributing to a faster weight loss, can have negative health consequences. Desalting the body leads to a decrease in pressure, weakness, especially in hot weather and high physical exertion. If you feel a deterioration of well-being, slightly add salt to the porridge, reducing the usual portion of salt.

Glucose is necessary for feeding the brain, so a complete rejection of the sweet can lead to rapid fatigue, reduced reaction and memory loss, especially if you are engaged in mental labor. Replace sugar with a teaspoon of honey or dried fruits (prunes, dates, dried apricots – 5-6 pcs.) Per day.

Return to normal power mode should be carefully. On 15 day instead of buckwheat porridge for breakfast, eat a pair of soft-boiled eggs, at 16-th supper with fat-free cottage cheese with yogurt. For lunch, cook vegetable soup. During the diet, you will get used to handling small portions of food, respectively, your stomach will decrease in volume. Try not to increase the size of portions, so that the weight does not return.

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