How to conduct an audit in a cosmetic bag

How to conduct an audit in a cosmetic bag
Beautician – an indispensable thing in the bag of any girl. It can be large or miniature, store a variety of cosmetic accessories or a tube of mascara and a lip gloss bottle. Whatever was your cosmetic bag, it must be kept in order, sorting and occasionally culling the contents.

What should be the cosmetic bag and its contents

The ideal cosmetic bag should meet the requirements of his mistress. If you prefer to do full make-up, keep on hand cosmetics, which you need to update. You'll probably need powder, lipstick or lip gloss, a pencil for eyeliner or shadow. If you are painting your nails, put a small bottle of lacquer in the cosmetic bag – with it you can quickly correct the splinter enamel. Nail file is also useful. Choose a cardboard with a coating – fragile glass files are easily broken.

Если вы почти не краситесь, храните в косметичке матирующие салфетки, которые помогут быстро освежить лицо. Летом не помешает и мини-баллончик с термальной водой – ее можно распылять на лицо и тело. Не носите с собой громоздкие флаконы с туалетной водой – лучше бросьте в косметичку пару пробирок-пробников.

The size and shape of the cosmetic bag depends on the amount of cosmetics that you carry with you. Convenient models with zippers resemble pencil cases. Rational and neat girls like cosmetic bags made of transparent plastic, allowing you to find the right object without hassle. Mini handbags in the form of a pouch look funny, but take up too much space. In addition, they can suddenly open up, scattering cosmetics.

Главное – аккуратность

Косметичка должна содержаться в чистоте. Если сумочка порвалась, засалилась или на ней облупилась краска, купите новую. Не храните в косметичке лишние предметы. Ежевечерне перебирайте ее содержимое, добавляя нужную косметику и выкладывая то, что уже неактуально. Регулярно меняйте пуховку в пудренице, чистите кисточки и спонжи. Чтобы соблюдать правила гигиены, эти аксессуары лучше хранить в отдельных мешочках.

Do not put sharp hairpins or scissors in the cosmetic bag – they will scratch the cases of powder compacts and lipsticks.

Remove from cosmetics old cosmetics – dried mascara, lipstick, the remains of which have to pick out a match, worn out powder. Not worth it store cosmetics in the package, cardboard boxes very quickly take a shabby appearance. An exception can be made for velvet cases, which protect the powder boxes and boxes of blush from scratches.

Regularly shake out of the cosmetic bag crumbs, grains of powder and other rubbish.

Check the expiry date of cosmetics. Do not store makeup for more than a year, especially for cream products and mascara. If the funds have acquired an unpleasant smell, exfoliate or change color, discard them – most likely, cosmetics has deteriorated. Without regret, get rid of leaky bottles, badly closed boxes, pencils that have lost their caps. If this cosmetics is dear to you, store it in a home dressing table.

Carry out an audit in the cosmetic bag at the beginning of each new season. With the onset of summer, add a couple of samplers of easy toilet water, matting and refreshing napkins, bronzer and bright lip gloss. In winter, put in a handbag tight lipstick, cream powder and hailer, with which daily make-up can easily be turned into the evening.

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