How to comb the hair back

How to comb the hair back
There are many hairstyles in which the hair from the face is combed back. This is a classic high "tail", a three-dimensional bundle, a spit-spike and many others.

To comb hair back it is possible, creating a fashionable spit-spikelet. To do this, separate the curls of the frontal zone – the weave begins with them. Take thin strands and twist them together like a pigtail. And to get "spikelets", every time the outer strands are twisted, grab a little hair left and right. Get a neat and very original braid, in which all the hair is removed back. This hairstyle is for almost all the girls. It should be avoided only by those who have a very wide and large forehead.

Removing the hair back, you can create a fashionable "cook". To do this, you need to scratch your hair well in the forehead area. So that they stood, like a mohawk. Fix it with varnish and remove all hair back, under the elastic. It turns out a beautiful voluminous hairdo that will go to girls with an oval and rectangular type of face.

Короткие волосы также можно красиво зачесать назад. Для этого вам понадобится ободок или лента. Возьмите немного геля и нанесите его на челку. С помощью расчески зачешите волосы назад. Наденьте повязку или ободок так, чтобы они держали локоны, не давали им вылезти вперед. Такая гладкая прическа отлично подойдет маленьким хрупким девушкам с лицом треугольного или круглого типа.

Also, hair is combed back when creating a fashionable high "tail", a bunch, various wedding and solemn styles. The open forehead makes the face more attractive, so many prefer hairstyles in which the hair is removed upward.

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