How to color the hair in a bright color

How to color the hair in a bright color
More recently, women dyed hair henna or hydrogen peroxide. Not adhering to the correct proportions when preparing the mixture for coloring, it was possible to obtain a radical color. Today a woman can easily turn from a blonde into a brunette or become the owner of an exotic shade of hair.

Under a bright color, you do not need to understand pink or red. If you want to have an original hair color, but are afraid to overdo it, choose the appropriate shade, depending on your type of appearance. Having decided on such an experiment, choose a color that effectively emphasizes your advantages and disguises flaws.

If you are not completely sure of your choice, do not paint the whole head at once. Start with highlights or colors. So you can connect the natural beauty of hair and bright accents. Do not forget about the rules for combining colors. Brunettes should better decorate their hair with emerald or bright blue strands to emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of the style. And blondes can make orange or red strands, framed by chestnut or chocolate shades.

To dye your hair in a bright color, buy a paint from a proven manufacturer. In the store you can find special series for girls, who prefer a bright range. Do not mix a few shades yourself and do not buy cheap paint of questionable quality.

Before the procedure, do not wash your head and do an allergy test. Prepare a hair coloring agent following the directions in the instructions. Make a paint with a reserve.

On the temples and forehead, lubricate the skin with cream so that it does not stain.

Divide the hair with two perpendicular separations passing through the crown to the 4 zones. Apply the dye to the proline, and then to the back of the head. The temporal and frontal parts should be painted last.

The thicker and thicker the hair, the thinner the strands must be for staining. Start counting the exposure time immediately after application of the dye

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