How to color the bruises under the eyes

How to color the bruises under the eyes
Robert Jones is a make-up artist, whose services are used by such famous companies as Olay, Avon, Fossil, Levi's and many others. In their books, the average price of which in Russia is 1,5-2 thousand rubles, but which scatter like hot pies, the author shares the secrets of proper make-up, including advice on how to disguise dark circles (bruises) under the eyes.

Prepare the skin under the eyes with an eyelid cream. Leave the cream to soak for a couple of minutes. If after that the skin under the eyes seems dry to you, apply another layer of cream. Do not be afraid that the cream will be too much: this area of ??the face can not be waterlogged. However, do not forget to get wet over excess cream with a napkin, otherwise make-up will not last long.

Do not neglect this stage: the eye cream promotes that the concealer applied after it lies flat, not slides down и не забивается в мелкие морщинки.

A special brush for make-up (make-up artists call her brush No. 50: a synthetic brush with cone-shaped bristles) apply a concealer along the border of dark circles. Tear the concealer with a brush all over the surface of the dark circles. Be careful, do not go to the lower line of eyelash growth – this will cause the eye to visually decrease. In addition, it is important not to go beyond the boundaries of dark circles and do not impose a remedy on that area of ??the skin, in the color of which you try to disguise dark circles: in this case you will lighten the skin that originally had the right color, and again you will be at the starting point – two shades leather, difference which strikes the eye.

With pathetic finger movements, hammer the concealer along the border of the dark circles, so you will make it invisible. If necessary, disguise the dark areas at the inner corners of the eyes or eyelids.

Over the concealer, apply a tonal remedy. Do this also need patting movements, so as not to erase the concealer. With a light layer of powder, fix the result.

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