How to color in ashy color

How to color in ashy color
Ash color has many variations: from a stylish light to a pronounced steel shade. To become the owner of ashy hair, it is necessary to perform persistent staining.

You will need
  • Paint for hair, oxidizer, gloves, clips, hair clips, brush for painting, water.
There is an erroneous opinion that only blondes can color the hair into an ashy color. In fact, natural fair-haired and even dark-blond hair is easily amenable to ash color. Be careful to be the one who has already dyed his hair in a red or chestnut shade. Instead of ashy, you can get a greenish or purple color. Therefore, brunettes and brown-haired women are recommended when painting in ashy hair washing from the past color.

To give the hair an ashy hue, get a special resistant paint. Prepare the dye in the way recommended in the instructions. Now arm with a brush for painting and distribute the pigment evenly over the entire length of the hair. Begin painting from the top of the head, separating the strand behind the strand. Then go to the back of the head and down. Stain the side strands. Temporal, frontal locks and bangs stain the last. Soak the paint on your hair for the prescribed time, rinse with water and wash your hair with shampoo. Then apply the conditioner.

Please note that staining has a bad effect on the hair condition: they become dull and lifeless. Therefore, a month before staining, conduct an intensive care course: do various moisturizing hair masks and use therapeutic balms. So, the hair will be prepared for staining.

After a while after staining, the ashy color may give a yellowish tinge. To prevent this, use toning shampoos for ashy hair. Tinted remedies will also help to eliminate the green tint resulting from staining. Often, one problem with toning can not be solved. However, the course of procedures with a toning shampoo will permanently remove yellowness and other unwanted colors.

The first time it is recommended to perform the coloring in ash color from a specialist, to learn all the subtleties of the procedure. Professionals recommend to perform the lamination of hair after painting them in ashy color. This procedure will save a beautiful shade for a long time: up to three months or more. If you have dark hair, first it is recommended that you do a lightening. Apply a lightening product on the hair along the entire length, but do not touch the roots yet. Keep the clarifier half an hour, and then apply it to the roots and comb the hair comb from the roots to the tips. After 20 minutes, rinse hair with shampoo. Do lightening only on dirty hair.

Approximately one month after staining, the roots of the hair are already noticeably growing. Then the difference between the shades becomes visible. Repeat the staining procedure. But this time you only need to paint over the roots. Use a paint of the same shade and bear in mind that now you need to dye your natural hair. Therefore, the shade may still differ, if you performed the coloring on the clarified hair. In this situation, you need to repeat the clarification procedure. And only then paint the roots in an ashy shade.

Due to the constant chemical effects ashy hair requires special care. Be sure to use vitamin masks to nourish the hair, wash your hair only with soft water, and rinse with extracts of useful plants.

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