How to cleanse the skin of the post-acne? Remove stains from acne in the home

How to cleanse the skin of the post-acne? Remove stains from acne in the home
A healthy skin is, first of all, a clean and smooth skin. Girls and women aspired to this at all times. Get rid of traces of postakne can not only in the beauty salon, but also at home with folk remedies. Resign is a consequence of acne, which affects many people in their teens. Acne is gone, but often there are traces of their presence in the form of spots, scars, heterogeneous skin areas, thickening. Naturally, this spoils not only the skin, but also the appearance of a person.

It is interesting that dermatologists are advised to start fighting with traces of blackheads in autumn and winter, and in the spring, on the contrary, treatment is not contraindicated. This is due to seasonal vitamin deficiency.

It is worth knowing that this skin needs constant cleaning. For this, scrubs are suitable. It is enough to apply them 1 or 2 times a week to clear the skin of excess fat, cosmetics remnants. Scrub can not only be purchased at the store, but also made independently.

Для изготовления скраба подойдут продукты, которые есть практически во всех домах. Отлично очищает кожу скраб из кофе. Для его приготовления понадобится молотый кофе и оливковое масло. Такое сочетание поможет не только очищению кожи, но и выведению токсинов благодаря антиоксидантному эффекту кофе. Еще один домашний скраб для лечения постакне может быть на основе овсяных хлопьев. Он улучшает микроциркуляцию крови в коже, способствуя ее регенерации. Для приготовления овсяного скраба нужно смешать хлопья с яичным белком. Подобный скраб поможет предотвратить появление новых угрей и избавит от последствий предыдущих.

The postponement is basically always characterized by stagnant inflammation of certain areas of the skin of the face and body. To soothe the skin, use masks from fruits, for example, strawberry mask is perfect for correcting irregularities on the skin of the face.

Traces of acne can be lubricated with aloe juice, lemon, almond oil. They help to smooth the skin tone, achieving healing of scars and eliminating swelling.

Яблочный уксус – еще одно средство, прекрасно устраняющее следы, оставшиеся на коже после угревой сыпи. Однако с ним следует аккуратно обращаться, ни в коем случае нельзя наносить уксус неразбавленным, так как можно сжечь кожу.

Decoctions on herbs – a universal tool that helps in the fight against many human ailments. Footprints are not an exception. Coping with the problem of scars after acne will help the broths of parsley and St. John's wort. After the preparation, the infusions should be poured into molds and sent to the freezer. The resulting cubes need to wipe the problem areas of the facial skin twice a day.

Massage is useful not only for the body, but also for the face. And if you make it with the addition of honey, you can remove traces of post-acne, in particular irregularities after acne.

Skin health goes from within, so do not forget about proper nutrition. To cleanse the skin, you need to eat foods rich in vitamin E. For example, green vegetables, vegetable oil, beans, pistachios, apples. Perhaps the use of vitamin E, bought in a pharmacy.

With acne and their consequences, it is worth fighting. Traditional medicine is a reliable way to get rid of skin problems and a source of beauty.

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