How to cleanse the face of acne in 2018 year

How to cleanse the face of acne in 2018 year
Acne and acne can spoil even the most attractive and right person. Clean and radiant skin is an indisputable attribute of beauty. Unfortunately, with the problem of acne in our time is faced by a huge number of people both adolescent and middle-aged. Acne can cause bad mood, low self-esteem and constant stress. This very insidious enemy has completely different reasons and the best way to cleanse the face of an acne is to act in a complex.

Для начала проверьте свой гормональный фон – is, that y girls even in later than adolescence, there are failures in development and balance male and female hormones, in which the first is produced somewhat more than the latter. The doctor can conduct the necessary examinations and prescribe the appropriate means for you to correct the hormonal background.

Причина плохой кожи может крыться в неправильном питании и, как следствии, плохом обмене веществ. Неправильное питание вызывает нарушение деятельности желудочно-кишечного тракта, организм засоряется токсинами и продуктами распада, что сразу отражается на коже – самом a large excretory and respiratory organs! Give up flour and sweet, consume less salt, eat protein-rich foods and "good"Carbohydrates – cereals, cereals, cereals. You can not combine incongruous – so to stew (or boiled, most importantly – not fried), serve vegetables with vegetables with olive oil, and not french fries or bread. Carbohydrates should be consumed in the morning, and proteins in the evening.

In between meals, you need to drink plenty of water – preferably non-carbonated and room temperature. It will perfectly remove harmful substances, will nourish the skin with moisture, and acne will soon retreat. Useful and unsweetened and not very strong green tea, which contains in its composition useful for digestion, bacteria and enzymes.

Непременно высыпайтесь. Плохой сон в непроветренном помещении – первый шаг к нарушенной психике и плохому настроению. Плюс ко всему организм не получает достаточно энергии для поддержания здоровья всех органов, и «обделяет» кожу своей заботой и вниманием. Так что минимум 8 часов здорового сна – и через неделю вы заметите улучшения в зеркале.

Choose a good and not skin-drying care. If you pounce on acne with aggressive means, the result will be completely opposite – the skin will produce even more fat and pores will clog, causing more and more inflammation. Also, the skin should be moistened with non-greasy gels and creams. Daily cleansing is an obligatory stage in the fight against acne. In the morning, wash with a soft foam or gel с натуральными дезинфицирующими компонентами и ополаскивать лицо прохладной водой, а вечером – теплой водой с мягким скрабом. Каждую неделю делайте глубоко очищающие кожу маски из clays, as well as vitamin masks from fresh fruits and berries (kiwi, strawberry). It will perfectly cheer up the skin in the hard struggle with pimples!

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