How to cleanse the face of acne and acne

How to cleanse the face of acne and acne
Acne on the face appears not only because of improper skin care, but also because of hormonal failure. You can cope with the first reason without the help of a specialist, and the endocrinologist will help you to solve the second problem.

You will need
  • – shower gel;
  • – antibacterial tonic;
  • – a cream for the face;
  • – mask for oily skin;
  • – scrub;
  • – blue clay;
  • – sea salt;
  • – soda;
  • – a lemon;
  • – a cucumber;
  • – vitamin complex.
Купите серию средств, которая разработана специально для проблемной кожи: гель для умывания, антибактериальный тоник, крем для лица, скраб и маску. Пользуйтесь means Regularly, guided by instructions from the manufacturer. Wash your face at least 2 times a day, and if you have very oily skin, then during the day, wipe the T-zone with antibacterial facial napkins. If you are right, and most importantly, regularly cleanse your face, then acne will stop appearing.

Twice a week make masks of blue clay. Dilute a little clay in warm water, then apply the resulting mass to your face with your fingertips, or with a brush. Blue clay pulls dirt from the pores, cleans and narrows them. The skin will look healthy, and acne will pass.

Смешайте в равных пропорциях измельченную морскую соль и соду. Смочите лицо и массажными движениями почистите кожу с применением полученной смеси. Сода прекрасно удаляет омертвевшие частички эпителия, а соль обладает бактерицидными свойствами. После проведения процедуры вы заметите, что лицо стало свежее выглядеть. При регулярном очищении лица содой и солью прыщи пройдут, а кожа выровняется.

Wipe your face with a slice of lemon every morning. Lemon juice helps to get rid of from acne and narrow the pores that usually expand in people with problem skin. Instead of lemon, you can use a cucumber, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Drink a course of vitamin complexes and zinc. If the problem does not resolve, go to the hospital for a dermatologist or an endocrinologist. It is possible that only medicamentous treatment can help you. Especially often acne appear in the teenagers in the period of hormonal changes in the body, but gradually pass. Therefore, do not be very upset, it is possible that everything will be resolved by itself.

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