How to cleanse dry skin

How to cleanse dry skin
Dry skin should be taken care of in a special way, because it is especially affected by aggressive environmental factors. Wind, sunrays, temperature changes, air conditioners are even more dried skin, it can cause irritation, flaking areas, painful cracks.

Dry skin is very sensitive, special care is needed. Do not clean the face using tap water. It is tough and can dry your skin. Especially do not wash with hot water from the tap. Always wash your face with water at room temperature. Too cold water will lead to a narrowing of the pores, and from the hot pores expand, resulting in the formation of red spots, the skin becomes flaccid, flabby and strongly scaly.

Use cool mineral water, it protects skin from overdrying. Also try to clean the face with a mixture of milk and water (in equal proportions). Do not forget to wipe your face with lotion or cleansing milk in the morning. Milk is a neutral mixture consisting of fat (fat content 25%), special oils and water. Thanks to such milk, dry skin will be saturated with moisture, which it so does not have enough.

Buy a loofah softer, hard strongly annoying skin. It is possible and at all to do without use of a bast, it will provide more delicate clearing of a skin. Just gently apply gels and means to care for your fingers on the skin. It is also better to give up soap, it can remove not only dirt, but also natural oils that protect skin. Be sure to make sure you use hygienic and cosmetic products with a neutral pH.

Do not sunbathe too long in the sun, take care of your sensitive skin!! You need a humid climate. Take aerial procedures in the morning. Before you go to the shower, apply on skin moisturizing cream. Instead of cream, you can use sour cream, cream and butter. In addition, before washing you can clean dry skin with the help of fermented milk products, such as kefir or yogurt. They will improve the condition of your skin, because after their application an acid barrier appears that provides not only cleansing, but also nutrition, softening and moisturizing.

Pay attention to your diet – it, as well as cosmetics, affects skin. If you have dry skin, limit consumption of fried foods and increase the amount of raw foods rich in vitamins in your diet. Animal fats and vegetable oils, which are processed by high temperature, are not at all useful for the skin. Avoid everything that dehydrates, eliminate alcohol and caffeine. Consume linseed oil cold pressing. Fatty acids contained in it, will bring your skin a lot of benefit.

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