How to clean your face in 2018 year

How to clean your face in 2018 year
Cleansing the face is a very important procedure, which is necessary for the complex solution of the problems of rejuvenation, nourishment and maintaining the tone of the face.

Daily facial skin is exposed to the environment, so cleaning the face just is necessary for those who want to keep it healthy and young. First you need to determine what method you need to cleanse your face. The procedure can be carried out both in domestic conditions, and in the office of a cosmetologist.

Today, there are many ways to clean the face, it is only necessary to choose the most best option according to the type of your skin.

Purifying the face with masks is not only the most convenient and simple method of cleaning, but also very effective. They are widely known as home cleansers. As a rule, such masks from natural ingredients, and hence the possible appearance of an allergic reaction is completely ruled out.

You can also brush your face with peeling. Peeling is divided into mechanical and hardware. Mechanical peeling represents By yourself massage with cleansing agents, dissolving and removing dead cells. One of the simplest methods of hardware peeling is a bouffage. It is conducted with help special rotating brushes, which simultaneously massage, and cleanse the skin on the face. Clear face it is possible with the help of vacuum peeling. It has its positive and negative sides. Vacuum nozzle, sucking to the skin, removes from the pores excess skin fat and pollution, which provides an excellent lymph drainage effect, improving the tone of the face. Vacuum facial cleansing is less painful than mechanical cleaning. To achieve a more effective result, it is better use in a complex by a bracing and a mechanical peeling, and also during the general procedures supporting a tone of a skin.

Purification of the face by ultrasound is distinguished by its painlessness. The skin of the face is treated with a special contact medium, which during the action of ultrasound begins to boil, exfoliating the dead cells of the upper skin layer. Due to this, the cells are refreshed and smoothed wrinkles, without causing redness at the same time. One face cleaning session in month is enough to give the skin a more even and healthy appearance.

The positive side in purifying the skin of the face is that new cells are most susceptible to the action of various masks and creams, so the effect of their use also increases.


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