How to clean your ears

How to clean your ears
Proper cleaning of ears Will insure against many problems associated with the formation of sulfur plugs, which can only be washed by a doctor. Hygiene of the auricles needs to be done regularly, and not when the sulfur has accumulated very much. The procedure takes a little time.

If you feel stuffiness in the ear, then before cleaning, rinse the ear canal peroxide of hydrogen or vaseline butter. Подержите 10 минут. Ушную раковину желательно массировать.
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Возьмите ватный диск или ватный шарик. Приложите его к уху.
how to clean the ears of a dog

Tilt head such that the liquid has flowed out.
как избавиться от запаха изо рта у собаки

Now you will need cotton sticks. Carefully clean out their ear. Insert into the ear canal necessary so that there is not painfully. If you have pain, stop brushing your ear, or just pull out your wand.
как котенку почистить уши

Если у вас было заложено ухо и после чистки ничего не изменилось, то обратитесь к специалисту, который с help especially the device will inspect the inner ear. Sometimes there is inflammation, in which any mechanical movements cause pain.

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