How to clean your belly and sides at home in a short time

How to clean your belly and sides at home in a short time
A beautiful and harmonious figure is the key to health and prosperity, and you can clean your belly and sides at home in a fairly short time. To do this, you must follow a special diet and exercise certain physical activities.

If you want to clean your belly and sides in your home conditions for a short time, it is important to note for yourself the exact time span for which you will achieve this. For example, set a goal – to lose weight by 5 kg per month (the goal should be feasible). Now write on the sheet of paper the actions that will lead you to this result.

Start with your power mode. The most famous and simple measures that lead to losing weight are the exclusion of sweet and harmful dishes – confectionery products, as well as all products containing harmful sugars – carbonated drinks, artificial juices, milkshakes, etc. for the chosen period of time. In addition, change the diet itself and try not to eat 3, and 4-5 once a day, but with small portions. Most of the diet should be useful grains (oatmeal, buckwheat), fresh vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy products, white chicken meat and low-fat fish meat.

People who want to clean their belly and sides in Home conditions, often pay great attention to various diets, mistakenly believing that they are the key to losing weight. However, nutrition is more important than physical exercise. In the diet there are only two main rules – do not overeat and avoid harmful food. But this will only prevent the growth of adipose tissue, and it can only be reduced with using exercises.

Begin to improve the figure with light cardio-loads. It can be morning jogging or daytime walking, cycling or swimming. During 1-2 weeks, give at least 1-2 hours per day for such loads, after which they will need to add a special set of exercises.

Remove the abdomen and sides in a short time you will help the "shock" complex exercises on the muscles of the press. These are not demanding body lifts, lying on the back; ups of straight legs up, lying on his back, or bent at the knees, sitting on a bench. To remove the protruding sides is well assisted by "twisting" – the same exercises on the press, but each lifting of the body or legs must be accompanied by their turning left and right. Choose the number of repetitions based on your physical abilities, but each day you need to increase them.

In addition to the exercises on the press, perform squats and push-ups from the floor to also strengthen the muscles of the legs, arms and back. This will allow not only faster and more efficiently to clean the abdomen and sides at home in a short time, but also to get a beautiful, slender and polished figure.

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