How to clean the face of people's methods

How to clean the face of people's methods
It is necessary to clean and nourish the skin of any girl. After all, the skin is an indicator of youth, beauty and charm. Modern cosmetology represents a number of cosmetic peelings, which smooth and purify the skin. However, at home, you can also get a pleasant effect if you choose the right face mask.

Clean skin without irritation и dryness even after thirty years in all ages, was admired. Egyptian queen Cleopatra used special masks for purification и rejuvenation skin. Problems of skin and face skin rejuvenation, in particular, are engaged in two sciences: dermatology and cosmetology. If you want your face было чистым и нежным, никогда не мойте его водопроводной водой. Поскольку в такой воде растворены тяжелые металлы, защитная функция кожи ослабевает, вследствие чего она легче polluted. In addition, do not wash your face with soap – for this purpose, special milk for washing. You can also use filtered boiled water. Even more suitable for washing fresh spring water.

There are both cosmetic and natural methods of cleansing the face. Widespread use of masks from vegetables and fruits. The active substances of most fruit masks are acids and vitamins. Acting simultaneously, they allow achieving striking results. So, for example, lemon peeling brightens the skin and at the same time cleans it. The recipe is as follows: take a lemon slice, squeeze out the juice from it and dilute it with olive oil. The effect of using this mask is achieved in about a week. In addition, apple masks are widely used in folk medicine. To do this, take fresh apples, crush them into gruel and apply to the skin. This mask is suitable for those with skin that is oily. Sometimes rubbed apples are mixed with sour cream or curdled milk, so that the skin becomes soft, and the pores are opened. Milk, yogurt and yogurt in the masks are very useful for the skin. They simultaneously clean and bleach it.

Another way to cleanse the skin is to steam out the face. This is a reliable and high-quality method for cleaning clogged pores. Especially it is suitable for those who have normal, oily or combination skin. To do this, you need to take chamomile flowers, brew them in a saucepan or other three-dimensional bowl, and then steam your skin. It is done this way: you cover your head with a linen towel and keep face for ten minutes over the pan with chamomile. Once on your face appeared perspiration, you clear the skin of dust and fat. This procedure reveals the pores and removes excess fat from under the skin. It is necessary делать хотя бы раз в три месяца, тогда ваша кожа будет чистой и сияющей.

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